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  • Green Machine No.373 *AVAILABLE

    C$12.00 C$7.14

    Green Machine No. 373, Indica 100%  Certified Organic

    T.H.C. - 21.5%

    C.B.D. - 1%

    A strain that few others can compare to. The skunky sweet aroma is very pleasant and not too overwhelming. The flavor is sweet and tangy with a hint of mango. Although an indica, with Grape Ape origins, the high is very invigorating and will keep you going throughout the day. This No. 373 strain is best used to treat depression and restlessness.
    Grown in Filtered Soil from the City of Toronto Composting Program. Green Machine plants are difficult to cultivate. Healthy crops are bushy with strong lateral branches radiating from the central stem. Green Machine plants rarely exceed 4 feet in height. We practice topping, by trimming wide fan leaves at the top of the plant to allow light to reach lower branches. We flowers our plants within 7 to 8 weeks. Just as it’s difficult for novice growers to cultivate, Green Machine may be a tough smoke for cannabis newbies: its gradual and powerful high can be disorienting, even to experienced smokers. Extremely popular on the West Coast, Green Machine is an excellent strain for users who want to feel pleasantly knocked out or overpowered. The unique ability of Green Machine is to cause smokers to melt into their surroundings. Best enjoyed at intimate gatherings of family or friends.