The World's First Medical Marijuana Farmers' Market by Health Canada Approved Designated Growers.TM

Distributor / Client Manager is looking for people to join our Distribution team, If you think you could help connect patients with Heath Canada Approved designated Growers thought., we would Love to have you. Help us save this industry for the people , from the people. Authorized Licensed Distributorships Franchise fee are $1500 HST included. We are looking for Client Managers / Distributors for every city across Canada.

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The most innovative way to Distribute Medical Marijuana FOR the people, FROM the people.

This is a way for all Canadians to prosper in this new industry. We have created for the people. Any person who wishes to be a part of this new and exciting industry, is invited to sign up with us. As we help Canadians prosper and realize the incredible health benefits of medical marijuana, we should be well posed to keep medical marijuana under the ACMPR Access to Cannabis for Medical Purpose Regulations. This will give your clients / patients more choice in who grows their marijuana and how they want to support their fellow Canadian Independent Designated Grower.

As we move forward with this innovative way to distribute medical marijuana to the People, from the People, we will put forth our resources working with Health Canada and the Federal Government of Canada to allow independent designated growers to participate in the export opportunities around the world. This will help new and emerging countries to develop their medical marijuana programs. This is a way for Canada to market its greatest resource. It’s People.

We have created for People just like you and me. Any Canadian with the proper papers filed with Heath Canada can now grow their own medical marijuana and can be designated to grow for a patient on

We are the WORLD’S FIRST AND ONLY FARMERS MARKET FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA by independent Health Canada approved designated growers.

As a Distributor, you will have access to exclusive designated growers for your clients / patients. All exclusive designated growers are Premium Artisan Bud Growers from the Past, Many growers have over 20 years experience. All exclusive designated growers will have at least 7 different strains available at pre negotiated prices. Limited edition Strain only available thought Licensed Authorized Distributors. Strain will differ from designated grower to designated grower due to different growing methods and practises. Strain available thought Premium Artisan Designated Growers will cycle on sales volumes. We believe marijuana should be FOR the people FROM the people.

Once under contract you will receive 15% of the gross sale on all merchandise, this includes our World famous Premium Organic Hemp Papers, Shirts, Hats and all other merchandise. All merchandise is subjected to HST and will be added on top of merchandise. If you arrange the deliver to the client, as the distributor, you will also receive an additional 5 % of the GROSS sale.

Not only can you grow your own medicine and sell it though, but you can also become a Licensed Authorized Distributor, You will be able to connect Clients to Health Care Providers that are able and willing to sign Medical Documents. Simple have your client fill in the Heath Canada ACMPR form. ( Page 2 on Health Canada forms, ACMPR Growing your own medical marijuana and being designated to grow for one other patient.) Once complete and in accordance with Health Canada, will issue your client / patient an unique RX number that allows your client / patient to connect to an independent Heath Canada Approved Designated grower on that is free to take on new patients. Clients / patients are free to change there designated grower or strain as many times as needed, Remember, is not satisfied with your clients / patients designated grower until they are. Certain designated growers are willing to custom grow unique strain just for your client / patient medical needs as requested.

Ever time, that RX Number is used on, as the distributor you are responsible for accepting payment for said order, Once completed, designated grower will (under there own expense) have order shipped to for processing.

Once under Contract you will receive 15% of the GROSS sale between the clients / patients that you introduce to pre authorized designated growers on Certain pre approved designated grower are willing to give a commission of 15% to Client Manager ( This includes the 5% Clients Recruiter payment ). Orders that are received to your main address, will receive an additional 5% of the gross sale, this is for shipping and handling and includes HST. All Medical Marijuana sales between the said Patient and said Designated Grower are HST included. As long as you perform customer service for the client as a Consultant ( Client Manager ) you will retain right for that said client / Patient, This will include, Medical Document is up to date and in accordance with the ACMPR. Your client must be more than satisfied with their strains from there personal designated grower. At we are going for 100 % patient satisfaction. we will never give up on finding the perfect strain and the perfect designated grower for all your clients / patients. For this client privilege your will retain the right to pass clients/ patients down from generation to generation.As a Licensed Authorized Distributor you are able to conduct transaction on All Credit Cards, Debit, E mail Transfers, Paypal and Apple Pay.

When your a part of the team. There is no limits to what you can achieve. Ever client / patient you introduce to now gets to pick between hundreds of independent designated grower on for FREE. Now you have a sustainable , environment friendly business that you can pass down from generation to generation.

That's the Canadian Way of distributing medical marijuana across this great Country, Marijuana FOR the People FROM the People. Together we can all benefit in this NEW WORLD. Thank you for your support. Save your FREDOM! Stay independent from greedy corporations.

Shelby Alsop Founder and Acting Director of 519-630-9449 Please Help us change this world we live in for the 99 percent!.

Store Owners and Hemp Paper Distributors

Thank you for believing in us!

With your help, we can attempt to keep medical marijuana FOR the people FROM the people. We now know the government is working to keep this growing industry's profits for themselves. With you and, we can change the future lives of the 99%. Anyone who wants to grow their own medical marijuana and sell it on as a designated grower: now has the opportunity. Every time you sell a pack of " THE WORLD'S PREMIUM ORGANIC HEMP PAPERS" at your store, you open the door for a 3% commission. If your customer signs up as a Patient on and decides to get their medical marijuana from a Independent Health Canada Approved Designated Grower, your store will receive 3% of the GROSS sale. If a patient purchases $200.00 of Medical Marijuana from a designated grower a month, your store will receive $6.00 a month. It's really that simple!

Our GOAL is to keep marijuana in the hands of the POEPLE not tho ONE PERCENT.  "Bee" apart of and SHOW your friends a safe place where than can get Premium Artisan Marijuana from their own personal designated grower for as LOW as 7.14$ gram with HST included. Ever TIME you introduced PEOPLE to independent designated grower on, you could receive Five Percent of the gross with HST included for the rest of your LIFE. Really, NOT JOKING! Please sign up to receive your FUNDS, Paid Monthly.

If you are interested in making more from this REVOLUTION, I invite you to sign up to be a Client Manager / Distributor and earn TEN Percent  HST included  on every purchases you manage to completion. if you decide to arrange the shipping and handling you will also get to keep another FIVE Percent  of the Gross Sale including HST, Sign up to be a Client Recruiter for FREE and earn MONEY for the REST of your LIFE!  Client Manager / Distributor Franchise COSTS are 60 hours of Labour at or You may have put your Client Recruiter payments towards your 1500$ HST included Franchise Fee. Green GOLD for all Canadians FOREVER under the ACMPR. 

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