The World's First Medical Marijuana Farmers' Market by Health Canada Approved Designated Growers.TM

A place where Medical Marijuana Designated Growers can find Patients to Grow for. 
It's Good People, Helping Good People.

What is

This is a safe place where patients can be connected to Medical Health Care Practitioners for FREE.  This is desperately needed by clients that are in the need of finding an alternative to opiates.   At,  we believe that people suffering from any medical issue; whether it be depression, anxiety, or pain should  have the option of using  medical marijuana. 

Individuals with a medical need

 Canadians with the authorization of a health care practitioner, will now be able to access cannabis in three ways: they can continue to access quality-controlled cannabis by registering with licensed producers, they can register with Health Canada to produce a limited amount for their own medical purposes, or they can designate someone else to produce it for them.  Together we can SAVE this Industry FOR THE PEOPLE FROM THE PEOPLE !!

Shelby Alsop Founder and Acting Director of "Good People Helping Good People". is a Free Online Network

 We connect patients and Independent Heath Canada Approved Designated Growers together. guides patient thought the process so they can grow their own medical marijuana and can become a designated grower as well. This is a free service,  believes in your freedom to grow your own medicine and be able to choice your own designated grower.

What We Do
We provide an online store for prescription holders to order Health Canada approved medical marijuana from a designated grower. Health Canada must approve your designated grower before  they can start producing your medical marijuana, Designated grower can only grow so many plants according to their patients prescription specifications,  After receiving your order, we source the  independent Health Canada approved designated grower. will make sure all paper work is file with Health Canada between patient and designated grower. We will inspect, weight and mail.

After receiving your order, we will require payment for the full amount before final delivery to your ordinary residence. After payment, the designated grower will receive their payment with a 10% hold back. This helps cover the 3% varitey store "sign up" commission or the 5% Client Recruiter. We use this revenue for weighting, inspections and packaging. We are the people's company. we believe the profit and jobs should stay in Canada and should not be shipped overseas.

 At, we believe that the independent growers of the PAST, should have a voice for the FUTURE. Let the EXPERT GROWERS on show you why it would be shameful to let the artisans growers of the PAST become LOST in the GREED of the FUTURE! Shelby Alsop, Founder and Acting Director of, Stand up for your right to be FREE!

 We Provide

  •     For Patients: Access to Growers who can supply their prescriptions with Health Canada Approved medical marijuana
  •     For Growers: Access to Patients  on that can purchase their Health Canada approved designated growers medical marijuana
  •     Guaranteed Quality Assurance: All shipments quality inspected,  tested by a Health Canada approved lab and precisely weighed before distribution 
  •     Complete Confidentiality: No personal information is ever exchanged
  •     100% Risk-Free Transactions: All transactions are legal and in full accordance with current Canadian marijuana legislation and are protected by zero fraud liability.

Meet the Good People of

Our vision of what finally became started long ago and grew from noticing the urgent need for patients to effectively and efficiently access prescribed Health Canada approved designated growers medical marijuana.

At, we help organize patients and  independent Health Canada designated growers who have the resources and ability to grow Health Canada approved medical  marijuana in a safe environment.  We have compiled a growing list of local, small-scale designated growers and afford them the opportunity to grow and sell to our registered medical marijuana patients for FREE. 

Bee the Good People of

 When your a part of the team. There is no limits to what you can achieve. Ever client / patient  you introduce to now gets to pick between hundreds of independent designated grower on for FREE. and now you have a sustainable , environment friendly business that you can pass down from generation to generation.

That's the Canadian Way of distributing medical marijuana across this great Country, Marijuana FOR the People FROM the People. Together we can all benefit in this NEW WORLD.  Thank you for your support. Save your FREDOM! Stay independent from greedy corporations.

Shelby Alsop Founder and Acting Director of

 You and your Clients / Patients are invited to sign up with! Start enjoy the benefits of being apart of the ACMPR . Independent Artisan Designated Growers on Zuubee.ccom are ready to show you what they can grow. 

Once under the ACMPR, you and your clients / patients can purchase medical marijuana from a Premium Artisan designated growers on packages medical marijuana in aTWO forms.: 

Returnable Mouse ( M60 ) that can have up to 3 different marijuana strains. 60$ HST included for 7 grams of Premium Artisan Marijuana from your private designated grower.

Returnable Computer ( PC100 ) that can have up to 7 different strains. 100$ HST included for 14 grams of Premium Artisan Marijuana from your private designated grower. That's only $7.14 g Tax included.

  Good People Helping Good People

It's about time for something good

Now, the future is bright, as we have the ability to legally connect and supply patient with safe, quality Health Canada approved medical marijuana from independent growers. The benefits from our operation extend right across the board. This is the new way of doing business, for the new economy.

This is a way FOR all Canadians to prosper in this new industry, it isn't just for the rich and elite any more. Unite against greedy Corporations and Governments.

We live in a society in which the RICH and ELITE  take advantage of the POOR, leaving the Ninety Nine percent  with no opportunities or the means to  require a better life. We live in an unbalance World, unless we work together for REAL change, Our humanity is at GREAT RISK! 

We have created FOR the people, Any person that wishes to be apart of this new and exciting industry, now can file with Health Canada and start growing their own medical marijuana. You may also  become a Independent Health Canada Approved  Designated Grower for Free on We will be happy to find any one, a patient to grow for, it's like Good People Helping Good People!

As we help Canadian to prosper and realize the incredible Heath Benefits of Medical Marijuana,.We should be well posed to keep medical marijuana under the ACMPR Access to Cannabis for Medical Propose Regulation. This will protect our Freedom and give CANADIANS more choice in who grows their marijuana and how they want to support their fellow Canadian Independent designated grower. United we can save this industry FOR the People FROM the People. If you have any questions, give use a call. We are here to protect Patients and Designated Growers FREEDOMS and RIGHTS.


Stay Independent, Stay Free

 As we move forward with this innovative way to distribute medical marijuana FROM the people, FOR the people, We will  put forth are resoures working with Health Canada and the Federal Government of Canada to allow Independent Designated growers to participate in the  Export opportunities around the world helping new and emerging Countries develop their Medical Marijuana Programs.

This is a Great way for Canada to markets it's greatest resource. 

It's People!

The Worlds First Medical Marijuana Farmer's Market by Health Canada Approved Designated Growers